Top 8 Safety Tips for Halloween

Top 8 Safety Tips for Halloween

Have fun at Halloween but keep your children safe

PYB Health Top 8 Safety Tips for HalloweenIn the run up to Halloween we wanted to share with you our top 8 common sense tips to avoid the dangers associated with the holiday so that you can help keep your family safe & avoid a trip to A&E.

We don’t want to spoil your enjoyment or worry you unnecessarily but it is worth knowing that Halloween can be a dangerous time for many reasons. For instance according to the National Safety Council “Children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween than on any other day of the year.”

Tip 1.  Buy flame-retardant costumes, wigs & accessories

Please make sure you buy flame-retardant costumes or make costumes with materials that don’t burn quickly and are tighter-fitting. With so many candles about in pumpkins and for decorations, costumes can be a serious fire hazard.

When buying a costume you should check that:

• It has an EN71 label to say it complies with a Europe wide standard that tests for flammability.

• packaging displays the manufacturer’s name, address, and postcode or phone number. 

• It has a registered trademark

• It is accompanied by fire warnings, instructions and safety information.

• That it has a ‘flame-resistant’ label

You should also check that no part of the costume could easily trail and catch alight such as tassels and capes.


REMEMBER: If clothing does catch fire remember to STOP, DROP and ROLL;

STOP where you are, do not run. 

DROP to the ground and lie down flat. 

ROLL over and over on the ground until the flames are out.


Tip 2.  Avoid using candles 

Candles for decorations and used in pumpkins are a fire hazard. Please consider using a flash light or solar panel light inside your pumpkins. This way you can keep your house safe as well as any trick or treat visitors.

If you do use candles then make sure you never leave children alone with lit candles and always extinguish the flame before leaving the room. 

tip 3.  Don’t let children carve pumpkins 

The children can help by cleaning out the pumpkin guts and drawing on its face but please make sure an adult does the carving as it is so easy for children to cut themselves.

Also, when you carve the pumpkin, make sure you use a dry knife to help prevent slipping, and always cut away from yourself in short, controlled strokes.

Tip 4.  Avoid masks that can obstruct vision 

If possible avoid costumes with masks that can obstruct vision and instead consider non-toxic makeup as a safer alternative. Obstructed vision can result in trips, falls and in a worst case scenario not seeing a car when crossing the road.

tip 5.  Be safe be seen 

Halloween is the single most dangerous night of the year for pedestrian accidents involving kids.

Here are a few ideas of ways to be safe and be seen

• carry torches 

• apply reflective tape to costume

• Make or buy costumes in light-coloured material.

• remind children to walk on pavement and to check before crossing the road

• Carry a white bag or pillowcase for your candy, and add some reflective tape.

• Remember to cross the road in safe places and don’t criss-cross back and forth across the street.

tip 6.  Trick or Treat in groups and always accompany young children. 

Set rules for your children before allowing them to go trick or treating.

• Discuss the route they should follow

• Set a curfew

• Tell them to only visit well-lit houses or houses of people they know.

• Allow them to take a phone for emergencies but not to be distracted by 

For your own peace of mind consider using a tracking app such as find my phone so you can track where your child is at all times.

Tip 7.  Tell the children not to eat sweets until they get home

Sweets and gum can be a choking hazard, especially when the children are walking around in the dark and distracted by friends and although sweet tampering is rare, it is always a good idea to check through all the treats to remove any unwrapped or suspicious items before allowing the children to eat their treats.

tip 8.  Be extra aware of stranger danger

How do you know who to trust when everyone is dressed up like someone else?

Remind your children not to accept lifts from strangers.

Remind them to NEVER go inside a stranger’s house and to keep a safe distance from the doorway.