Repeat Script Ordering Service


A new convenient way to order your repeat prescription. This service is available to all patients registered to PYB Health surgeries!

How will the service work?

You will be able to order your next month’s repeat prescription up to 7 days before your current supply of medication runs out.

Contact the number below, we will then send your prescription to your GP for approval and signing.

Your prescription will be ready for collection in 3 working days.

My pharmacy delivers my prescription – will this change?

If you have a current arrangement with a pharmacy to deliver your prescription then this will continue.

Ordering Service

The Repeat Script Ordering Service is the easy way for you to order your repeat prescription.

All it takes is a simple phone call that you can make from the comfort of your own home – there is no need to go into your GP surgery or pharmacy.

You will speak to trained healthcare staff that can discuss your needs and medications with you. This will mean you will only order the medication that you need when you need it; giving you more control over your healthcare needs.

Why use this new service?

Ordering your repeat prescription will take a quick and simple telephone call. You will be speaking to a person who is dedicated to your call and who will have time to answer any repeat prescription queries that you may have.

Who will you be talking to?

When ringing the Repeat Script Ordering Service you will speak to dedicated, experienced and fully trained NHS staff who will have access to your repeat prescription records and immediate access to your GP surgery should the need arise.

Why are we offering this new service?

Our aim is to ensure that patients are receiving the best care possible. We want you to be receiving the medication that is suitable for you as well as receiving the correct quantity of medication.

Already use a pharmacy to order your repeat prescription?

No problem, you can use the same pharmacy to supply your prescription.

Remember to allow time for your pharmacy to dispense your prescription once it has been approved and signed by your GP. 

Call 01656 311010 to order TODAY