Who To Turn To

Nurse or Doctor?

It is important to know when to see the Nurse and when to see the Doctor, and vice versa.

Both Nurses and Doctors can help with different conditions and illnesses, as can your pharmacist.

Click here to read more about when it is important to see your nurse and NOT your doctor.

Emergency dental treatment

If emergency dental treatment is required your local Health Board can assist in getting dental treatment organised. Generally, dental treatment is NOT covered by your GP.

Find out more here.

Eye problems

Patients should see an optician if there are problems with eyes. There is a service called (PEARS) Primary Eye-care Assessment and Referral Service that can assist.

Also, even for acute conjunctivitis the patients would be able to go to a pharmacy and get medication rather than making a GP appointment. Read more here.


A list of all the pharmacy addresses and locations locally can be found via this page, click here.

Minor injuries unit

Follow this link to read more about when to use your minor Injuries Unit. Please be aware that the unit local to Bridgend is Port Talbot.

If after reading the advice you feel you need to visit the Minor Injuries Unit, please click here for details of where to go.