Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Due to coronavirus (COVID-19), all routine dental treatment has been stopped at the moment.

If you are in need of urgent dental treatment and you cannot contact your regular dentist you should use the NHS 111 Online Service.


Coronavirus - Dental Hygiene


Dental Health

Maintaining good dental hygiene every single day is essential to establishing good oral health.

Without this on-going personal care, your gums and teeth will suffer, plus you may also experience bad breath. It is also really important to make sure your children brush their teeth properly.

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Common dental problems

Tooth ache

This is a common problem usually caused by tooth decay, which can be very painful. Click here to find out why you are experiencing tooth ache and to find out what you can do about it. 


Caused by a bacterial infection, an abscess is a collection of pus. It can form inside the gums, teeth or even in the bone surrounding your teeth. It can be extremely painful!

Click here to read more about what you need to do if you think you have an abscess. 

Dental treatments

There are many treatments carried out by dentists in the UK to care for your teeth. Bridges, braces, whitening, veneers, and much more. Some are more common and generally available on the NHS. Some are less common and only carried out on the NHS in certain circumstances.

We recommend that you speak to your dentist before you undertake any treatment so you are clear on how the treatment will be funded.

Click here for further information about dental services available on the NHS.

How to find an NHS dentist

If you don’t have a dentist currently, click here for information on how to find one.

Word from our GP

 Many dental issues can be prevented by maintaining excellent oral hygiene.
If you do have problems, you are generally better seeing your dentist, as they are the experts in this field.

Dr Justine Dawkins, Riversdale Surgery

Things to remember

  1. Not all dental treatment is funded by the NHS, but lots is.
  2. Even though there is lots of media hype around about being unable to find an NHS dentist, it is possible. Click here for help.
  3. If you think you have an abscess, you need to see your dentist as soon as possible. Avoid seeing your doctor, as there is very little they can do.