Eczema is primarily caused by dry skin and can be very distressing for a child to deal with, especially at night when the skin can get hotter and itchier.

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Video Support

All you need to know about Eczema from the PYB Health team, watch our video here.

What to do

  • It is important to see your GP and get a formal diagnosis and a treatment plan for your child to ensure the best care is given.
  • There is a lot you can do at home to ease the condition for your child. Learn more here on how to stop the itch.

Things to Remember

If the skin starts to weep or bleed it may have become infected, therefore your child would potentially need antibiotics.

A good skin care routine using the right products can mean the difference between eczema, which is controlled, and eczema, which is not.

Word from our GP

 Try and moisturise your child 20 minutes before bed so that the cream has time to sink in properly meaning they will have a more rested nights sleep.

Ian Harris, Oak Tree Surgery