The Importance of Bowel Cancer Screening For Our Patients!

The Importance of Bowel Cancer Screening For Our Patients!

April is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, a brilliant annual event which was set up by Bowel Cancer UK to raise awareness to highlight those people that bowel cancer effects on a daily basis. The charity also use the month to raise impressive amounts of money to fund the vitally important ongoing research.

To find out more about how you can support visit their website.

Our Message To Our Patients

From our perspective in a bid to protect our patients, it also acts as a platform to highlight the importance of undertaking bowel screening.

In Wales, anyone over the age of 60 is invited to take part in bowel cancer screening every two years until they reach 75 years of age. The screening programmes involves a home test, which looks for blood which is hidden in poo.

We will automatically issue a screening test via post to all our patients that are eligible for testing. This can then be completed in the privacy of the home.

We urge our patients not to feel embarrassed and avoid taking part in the screening – it could save lives!

If patients are concerned, more information about the bowel screening process and how it works can be found here

If patients are unsure if they may be showing symptoms of bowel cancer, more information direct from our GP can be found here (link to bowel cancer page). Those with further concerns should book an appointment via surgery reception.

Even if patients are not deemed to be at risk due to age and family history for example, it is still vitally important to be aware of the symptoms which may signal bowel cancer. More information can be found here.