Summer Holiday Activities to Help our Bridgend Parents

Summer Holiday Activities to Help our Bridgend Parents

Although we know you are more than capable of keeping your child entertained over the summer holidays (you have been doing it since March 2020 and we applaud you!), we wanted to give you an extra helping hand.

The availability and normality of technology has resulted in many families being constantly plugged into their devices. Therefore, drawing your children away from their cocoons can be tricky. Consider these important reasons to get the family out of the house, along with the following tactics to make it happen!

Stress Relief

This year has been tough on everyone. Whether you are a stay at home parent, you work or you study, everyone had had to adjust to ever-changing circumstances. Making sure that everyone makes time to relax and have fun is vital. Relaxation is an excellent way to relieve stress that can be built up over time. Choosing something fun to do, and doing it in a group, can create a beneficial break for everyone.

Why not encourage everyone in the family to pick one activity they like to do which makes them feel relaxed and happy? You could take it in turns to schedule these into your time outside of work. Maybe an evening walk at the beach for example.

Promotion of a Healthy Lifestyle

Unplug yourself and your children from all distractions and get them out of the house to stretch their legs is so important. You don’t necessarily need to break a sweat during your activity but finding something that will get the family out moving is essential. Getting out of the house even for just an hour can help your family maintain a healthy lifestyle, and you can have fun in the process.

Teaching little ones to ride their bikes or getting the adults of the family back on a bike can be great fun and great exercise at the same time.

Bonding Through Competition

Why not create some family friendly competition to get everyone motivated? Going outside is the perfect opportunity to create some friendly competition.  Creating a contest that everyone can participate in whether it be who see’s the most red cars, who can bowl a strike or even who can hop on the spot for the longest.  Competition gets everyone involved and can even get the moodiest of teenagers to crack a smile and get involved.

You can form important bonds and lessons of being a good sport through cheering each other on and being kind even if you don’t win.

Include Everyone

Quality time doesn’t have to involve just your core family. Why not invite grandparents, aunts and uncles or even friends out with you? Inviting a wider unit of people can deepen relationships that can be vital for children in later life. Have you every heard the saying, ‘It takes a village to rasie a child’? Obviously, this all depends on current coronavirus restrictions but even if you meet another household in the park for an hour, it can be so beneficial for children and parents.

You don’t have to be physically together to have a good time either, why not create challenges for each family that involves going into the community, a treasure hunt for example, you could then report back to each other over Skype or Zoom.

Community Support

It is likely that you chose to live where you do because of the local community so why not support these local businesses? Here in Bridgend we really do have some fantastic organisations and supporting businesses that everyone in the community can really rely on.  Choosing to spend your money in your community can help strengthen and improve your local area for future generations. The money spent in local businesses will also help support local employees in your local area.  There are often unique experiences being offered in your community so don’t forget that you can stay close to home and still have a good time.

Here are some things you can do in your local community this summer:

  • Sign your child/children up to the Simply Out of School Club. Fionna, the club owner, will be running the arts and crafts club for children aged over 5 at Llangewydd Junior School. For more information contact Fionna via email here.
  • Just down the M4 you will find St Fagans National Museum of History. This free attraction has been recently restored and is fun for all the family. Book your slot to the attraction here.
  • Why not see how much wildlife there is in Parc Slip Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve. The reserve hosts cycle routes, walking tracks and wheelchair friendly facilities.
  • Pretend to be kings and queens at Ogmore Castle. Enjoy the beautiful ruins and take a walk down the River Ogmore.
  • If adrenaline is more your thing then venture down to Cardiff Bay’s aqua park. Slip, slide, splash on the climbing walls, trampolines, balance bars, slides, blast bags and monkey bars. Book the ultimate day out here.

    Most of all we hope you have a safe and fun summer holidays. Enjoy!