PYB Health Launches New Patient App

PYB Health Launches New Patient App

We are delighted to announce we now have a dedicated patient app for all PYB Health patients.

We know that apps are now a lifeblood for many services that we all access in our day-to-day lives. They can really simplify even the most complex of tasks and make life so much easier. We are so pleased to be rolling this out as an additional support tool for our patients across the Bridgend area.

The app will allow patients to carry out many tasks, whilst also receiving notifications highlighting relevant surgery information.

Patients will be able to:

1. Access surgery triage

2. Make admin requests for things like fit notes

3. Easily access the NHS symptom checker

4. Order a repeat prescription

5. Navigate to helpful sections on our website as new information is added.

The app will complement our website

Our website will still continue to operate in its current form, but you now have the added benefit of being able to access surgery services via the click of a button or the tap of a screen.

If you would like to download the app, please visit app store on your smart phone and search for ‘My Surgery’ app.