PYB Health Bridgend’s Top 10 Tips to Combat Hay Fever

PYB Health Bridgend’s Top 10 Tips to Combat Hay Fever

Many people in Bridgend will suffer from hay fever from late March through to September, dependent on the type of pollen they are allergic to.

Symptoms can include a runny nose or nasal congestion, itchy and red eyes, sneezing, coughing, and even tiredness. It can be really unpleasant for sufferers.

We’ve devised a list of our top ten tips for hay fever sufferers to follow, to minimise symptoms this hay fever season! 

Tip 1. Keep an eye on the weather

You may not always have a choice but if you can avoid venturing outside for too long on days with a high pollen count, you are going to feel much better. This allergy tracker may help.

Tip 2. Use a tumble dryer or hang clothes inside to dry

It may seem frustrating to have to do this during the warmer spring and summer months, but by avoiding pollen contact with your clothes, you can ensure you won’t feel allergic as soon as you get dressed in the morning.

Tip 3: Change your clothes when you get home 

Throughout the day your clothes will pick up pollen which can then cause symptoms to worsen by the end of the day. Pollen can also transfer to furniture in the home, meaning you can’t get away. Changing into clean clothes will help reduce symptoms while in the home. 

Tip 4. Apply Vaseline to Nostrils

Vaseline acts as a great barrier for your nose, making it harder for pollen to get in and trigger an allergic reaction.

Tip 5. Keep pets clean

Your beloved pets could be another source of pollen transfer – try to keep cuddles to times when you know they are clean.

Tip 6. Keep windows closed

It’s advisable to keep windows closed where you can. If days are really hot you may need to invest in a good fan!

Tip 7. Avoid gardening

Getting somebody else to cut your grass will be a very good idea. Cutting grass probably one of the worst things you can do if you are allergic to grass pollens. Maybe a friend of family member could help, or worst case there are plenty of gardeners around who charge reasonable rates to do regular grass cuts.

Tip 8. Speak to your pharmacist

Your local pharmacist will be able to help with any hay fever treatment you could need. From nose sprays to antihistamines, they’ve got you covered. There really isn’t the need to book an appointment with your GP. You can visit the pharmacy at your leisure. If you want to find a list of pharmacies in Bridgend click here.

Tip 9. Choose the biggest sunglasses you can find

Not only a fashion statement of course, the larger the sunglasses the more protection you will get from pollen!

Tip 10. Go to the beach

A great excuse to get away for the day, pollen counts will always be lower at the seaside. Take the opportunity to pack and picnic and enjoy the sea air!

If you are suffering from hay fever, you can find more information and video support here.