Pen Y Bont Health’s Top 5 Suggestions for a Fun & Healthy Easter Break

Pen Y Bont Health’s Top 5 Suggestions for a Fun & Healthy Easter Break

Bridgend, let’s motivate ourselves this Easter and enjoy our surroundings. With limitations throughout the pandemic in our previous Easter holiday, it’s time to appreciate what’s outside of our door – even if it is what’s on our doorstep. 

Bridgend has much to offer for a fun and healthy lifestyle this Easter, so we have put together our top five suggestions for you to try. Why not give them a go? 


Go Exploring

We recommend staying active around Glamorgan’s Heritage Coastline this Easter. A mindful stroll through nature is one of the best ways to improve both your physical and mental health.Dunraven Park at Southerndown beach is a favourite among our staff at PYB. There’s secret gardens to explore beyond the beach and pebbles – the perfect place for an egg hunt. 

Whatever your age or ability, you can rediscover Bridgend’s beautiful beaches and sea views with one of these coastal walks. 

Don’t forget to stay safe, keep hydrated and pack the SPF. 


Get Creative

Getting creative this Easter doesn’t have to be an egg hunt or whipping up some bunting. How about whipping up some eggs in the kitchen? 

Bridgend market and your local green grocer, can offer fresh ingredients to get creative with. Trying something new to eat is fun and exciting, it can involve the whole family or it can be an individual creation. Become inspired by local chefs or cook a welsh classic. Supporting your local suppliers is great for the environment too.

Whether you’re Michelin star rated at the family dinner table or you’re Bridgend’s next Master Chef, getting creative with a healthy diet and eating well, is a great way to look after yourself and others this Easter.

Don’t forget to share your healthy recipes with us


Be Kind

Enjoy being part of your community this Easter. Why not lend a helping hand with a spot of volunteering? Trying something new can be enjoyable and rewarding, especially when you’re supporting others along the way. Volunteering in Bridgend can be a great way to meet new people and learn new skills. 

If you’re short of time this Easter, don’t forget that a smile can go a long way. The small things in your community matter too – give them a try.


Stay Connected 

Visit family or arrange a day out with a friend you haven’t seen for a while. Staying connected this Easter can benefit your mental wellbeing. 

Talking can help you build a sense of belonging and self-worth. It provides emotional support for yourself and others. Why not try a fixed time for dinner around the table together? Or even something as small as sending a text?

There is local support available to stay connected and talk this Easter:

Bridgend Buddies

Mind Cymru

Samaritans Cymru



Embrace Self-care

Make looking after yourself a priority this Easter. If you feel under the weather after a busy start to the year, it’s important to care for yourself and get rest. We have lots of advice on our website about how to self-care for a common illness, such as hay fever, headaches and back pain – even for sprains after that long coastal walk.

Did you know that visiting your local pharmacy can solve most ailments, so you don’t have to worry about getting a GP appointment? 

Self-care is a sensible and rewarding way to make sure you stay fit and healthy. Taking control of your health this Easter means you can enjoy all Bridgend has to offer.  

If you have long-term health conditions or you care for someone who does, EPP Cymru provides a range of self-management courses and workshops which you may find helpful.


And don’t forget to protect yourself and others this spring by getting vaccinated.