Parkrun in the Bridgend Area

Parkrun in the Bridgend Area

Many of us will have heard of the infamous parkrun but how many of us have given it a go? With Christmas and New Year getting closer now is the time to pay particular attention to our health and wellbeing. We have put together a guide full of everything you need to know about your local parkrun and how you can take part. We’ll also ‘run’ you through some of the health benefits of taking up regular exercise.

Firstly, a little bit about parkrun

The first parkrun was held in London in 2004. Since then, the organisation has grown tremendously and now holds free weekly parkruns in over 700 locations around the UK. The events are run entirely by volunteers which is why the community events are free for all.

Your local parkrun


Welfare Park, Maesteg, CF34 9PW


Every Saturday at 9am.

The details

The course is 5km long. The start of the course is in the park corner near the pavilion and tennis courts. Due to the size of the park, unfortunately running with dogs is not allowed. To run all you need to do is register beforehand a bring a printed copy of your barcode with you.  

Each week runners and volunteers meet for a post run coffee in 21 Café on Talbot Street – why not join them? There are more parkruns in Gnoll, Porthcawl and Aberdare too. 

What are the benefits?

Along with maintaining a balanced diet and remaining active in our day-to-day life, running can be a great way to be healthier. Not only can it improve the way we feel, but it can help us all in achieving a healthier BMI. There isn’t a part of your body that wont benefit from getting out and running. From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, running will help improve all aspects of your health. Here’s some benefits:

Joints and Muscles

Muscle strength increases with running. As the muscles around joints strengthen pressure is taken off the joints which reduces the risk of/helps to treat osteoarthritis.


Running helps reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol levels which helps maintain a healthy heart. With regular exercise you can reduce your risk of heart disease by up to 35%.


Exercising improves your lung capacity and strengthens your respiratory muscles therefore your lungs become more efficient. Running can help those with asthma and other respiratory conditions.


Chemicals are released when you run than can help ease anxiety, stress, and depression. Additionally, your risk of dementia and stroke fall when your brain circulation is kept healthy. Running can even help improve your concentration, memory, and sleep.


If this has persuaded you to take part in the next park run, you can register here. Perhaps you want to give back to the community and volunteer, click here to volunteer at Maesteg parkrun.