JDRF, providing support for type 1 diabetics across Bridgend

JDRF, providing support for type 1 diabetics across Bridgend


It’s Diabetes Awareness Month, the perfect time to share the trusted support available to our patients living with type 1 diabetes across Bridgend and the surrounding areas. 

JDRF is a charity committed to eradicating type 1 diabetes. Their research has led to new developments in diabetes technology and treatment and is laying the foundations for a cure. The charity also supports everyone living with type 1 diabetes by providing information and resources to help people manage their condition. Find out how they can help you or someone you know with type 1 diabetes in Bridgend…

Support for those living with type 1 diabetes

Just because you have type 1 diabetes, doesn’t mean you need to stop doing the things you love. JDRF provides support with everyday life, such as:

  • Work: Information on disclosing type 1 to your employer, reasonable adjustments at work and the Equality Act
  • Driving: How to continue to drive safely when you have type 1 and what you need to inform the DVLA
  • Special occasions: What to consider when planning for special occasions including birthdays, weddings and religious holidays
  • School and university: How to manage your type 1 at school and university, with links to a school pack and university toolkit
  • Airport security and diabetes technology: Not all diabetes technology can safely go through security checks at airports. Advice on how to make travelling with type 1 less stressful.

You can also join the JDRF community to gain support from others living with type 1. Join online forums and chats or meet up at local events for the opportunity to:

  • Meet new people in Bridgend with a connection to type 1
  • Support your child with type 1 and meet other children and young people with the condition, with supervised children’s entertainment at events 
  • Listen to presentations about the latest cure, treatment and prevention research from leading scientists and diabetes specialists

Support for newly diagnosed adults 

If you have been newly diagnosed, it can be a very difficult time and bring some challenging life changes. JDRF offers support and information on:

Alongside access to hundreds of shared experiences from other newly diagnosed diabetics via the online community

Support for newly diagnosed children

If your child has been newly diagnosed, it can be a challenging time for them and your family to adjust to the news and make some lifestyle changes. JDRF offers ongoing support and information to parents and families, including:

  • Discovery days, to meet other families living with type 1 and learn more about the condition 
  • Free child-friendly information packs for children and family members to learn more about the condition
  • Access to e-learning for parents, guardians and teachers to learn how to support children with type 1 diabetes in their care

On top of online support and meet ups, there are also a series of fun and exciting fundraising and awareness events to take part in, such as big walks and even Bonfire nights. 

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or have been living with type 1 diabetes for some time, find all the information and support you need to manage your condition and connect with others with type 1 by visiting the JDRF website.

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