Conronavirus: Message Regarding Letter Going Out To The Extremely Vulnerable This Week

Conronavirus: Message Regarding Letter Going Out To The Extremely Vulnerable This Week

Update from Welsh Government on 31 March 2020

All those identified as being at a very high risk of severe illness from coronavirus (due to a serious underlying health issue) will receive a letter from the Chief Medical Officer for Wales by no later than the end of this week.

The letter advises people to stay at home for 12 weeks and contains a range of further information and advice, including how those who have no-one else who can support them can get medication and other essential items such as food.

In addition we have published information on our website on support for extremely vulnerable people:

To ensure all high risk patients are contacted, GPs are being provided with a list of those who’ve been sent letters to check against their known patients. They will contact any additional high risk patients not identified to provide the advice outlined by the Chief Medical Officer.

Those who are waiting for letters should not contact their GP surgery before the end of this week.

There is a broader group of vulnerable people who have not been written to but have been previously been advised through published guidance ( ) to rigorously follow the social distancing advice in order to help reduce the risk of catching coronavirus. People in Wales are not being asked to register as vulnerable but if you are vulnerable you should ask family, friends and neighbours to support you and use online services.

If this is not possible, then the public sector, business, charities, and the general public are gearing up to help. If you receive support from health and social care organisations, for example if you have care provided for you through the local authority or health care system, this will continue.

The full range of guidance on coronavirus can be found on the Welsh Government website: