Coffee break with Dr Geraghty of Ashfield Surgery – Asthma

Coffee break with Dr Geraghty of Ashfield Surgery – Asthma

The PYB Health content team has taken 5 minutes out of Dr Geraghty’s busy day to get some insight into the topic of Asthma. 


Question: What happens if a patient does not take treatment for asthma, even though symptoms are presenting?

Dr Geraghty: If you are symptomatic it is advised to take your inhaled treatment as untreated asthma can lead onto damaged lungs and in some case fixed airways disease. It can also lead to an acute asthma attack which can occasionally be very serious requiring hospital admission and in some cases can cause death.

Question: If a person has asthma are they more likely to develop chest infections?

Dr Geraghty: Yes. You are more likely to get chest infections especially if you are not on the correct treatment regime for your asthma.

Question: Is there a high risk of having an asthma attack if a person gets diagnosed with asthma?

Dr Geraghty: Unfortunately, asthma attacks are still common throughout the UK. However, if you take your medication as prescribed and attend regular asthma reviews, this will reduce your risk of having an asthma attack.

Question: If a person experiences a sore throat as a result of a steroid inhaler, what should they do?

Dr Geraghty: Sometimes Inhaled steroids can cause oral thrush, you can get treatment for this at your Doctors. To prevent this from occurring you need to rinse your mouth and spit out the water straight after using your steroid inhaler.

Question: If a person is taking inhalers as prescribed, but still up in the night coughing, what can they do?

Dr Geraghty: This could mean that your asthma is not well controlled. You need to book an asthma review with the Nurse to ensure that you are on the correct treatment. You may need a stronger inhalers or assess new triggers.

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