Coffee break with Dr Dawkins of Riversdale Surgery – Sprains

Coffee break with Dr Dawkins of Riversdale Surgery – Sprains

The PYB Health content team has taken 5 minutes out of Dr Dawkins’ busy day to get some top tips on Sprains and Sport and when it is time to leave the game and head off for some rest and relaxation!

Sprains and Sport

Question: Dr Dawkins, firstly how common are sprains during sport and how can they be spotted?

Dr Dawkins: Very common, you will experience swelling, pain and bruising to the affected area.

Question: How serious is it if you sprain yourself?

Dr Dawkins: Sometimes a sprain can damage ligaments and they take longer to heal than a fracture.

Question: For how long should you refrain from activity and sport? 

Dr Dawkins: It depends how bad the sprain is. Common sense would say that if it hurts don’t do it.

Question: What are the main things you can do to build your strength back after a sprain?

Dr Dawkins: Take some advice from a physio or search online for strengthening exercises.

Question: How can you stop it happening again?

Dr Dawkins: Strengthen the area, avoid uneven ground or extreme sports.

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