Coffee break with Dr Dawkins of Riversdale Surgery – Back Pain

Coffee break with Dr Dawkins of Riversdale Surgery – Back Pain

The content team here at PYB Health took 5 minutes out of Dr Justine Dawkins’ very busy day to talk “Back Pain”. She talks twisting, stretching and martial arts!

How to improve life with on-going back pain


Question: If a patient thinks they have on-going back pain, what should they do?

Dr Dawkins: If it has been over 10 days see their GP. It may be worth taking a urine sample with you or asking reception for a sample bottle on arrival.


Question: What pain relief can they use at home?

Dr Dawkins: Ask your pharmacist for advice they will ensure that you don’t buy anything over the counter, which will affect you adversely or interact with any of your current medication.


Question: Can a specific type of bed or chair help a person’s back pain? Or is there anything else they can do at home to help themselves?

Dr Dawkins: As long as the bed, in particular the mattress is supportive and in good condition, no I would not recommend a specific type of bed. Any chair used regularly e.g. in the office should be upright and encourage good posture, do not slouch or  be too reliant on the back rest as this will de-condition your core muscles which are used to support your back.


Question: Is there anything they should avoid doing?

Dr Dawkins: Over stretching movements eg, twisting while bending or anything that over flexes and jars the back. Certain sports can make things worse eg any contact sport, rugby, martial arts.


Question: Can regular exercise help?

Dr Dawkins: Yes staying active is very helpful, brisk walking instead of a bus car or taxi .A gentle low pace jog once you are better.You don’t have to join the gym, remember the pavement is free!


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