Choosing The Right Kind of Healthcare – know the facts!

Choosing The Right Kind of Healthcare – know the facts!

Have you ever been unwell but unsure of who is best to contact for medical help? You won’t be alone if you answer yes to this question.

There are many healthcare professionals out there in the local Bridgend area, all offering varying support dependant on your concern. From Doctors, Nurses and Medical Receptionists to Dentists, Opticians and Community Pharmacists. Each offer varying care and potential solutions to all your problems. If you see the most appropriate healthcare professional as soon as possible you will not only avoid wasting your time but you will feel better quicker.

We Are Primary Care Campaign

A new campaign has been launched recently via Cardiff and The Vale UHB, in the aim of educating patients on who is best to see at any given time. You can find out more about the campaign here.

We would like to reiterate and back up this information for all our Bridgend patients and give a top line overview of who you should strive to see in any given situation where you need medical attention.


If you have tooth ache/sensitivity, bleeding/sore gums, or general dental pain either in your mouth or externally on your face which is related to your teeth, you will need to see your Dentist. You can find information here about how to access your local dentist or find a new one if you do not currently have a dentist. 


If you are having problems with your vision, or pain/swelling of the eyes you should see an Optometrist. Find out here how to find one if you don’t have an optician you are registered with. This article on maintaining healthy eyes may also help.

Community pharmacist

If you have a minor illness such as a cough/cold, headache or hay fever for example your community pharmacy will be able to help. They can also help give advice surrounding medication. Find out more here.

GP Practice medical receptionist

The reception staff at your local surgery may seem to ask lots of questions and appear selective when allocating appointments. They are there to help you and have been specifically trained to ask the right questions to ensure you get seen as quickly as possible by the most appropriate healthcare professional. Whether you need to see a Dentist, or a GP for example, they will be able to identify the best course of action and help you get the care you need. Please be patient and help by answering their questions in as much detail as possible.


Your Practice Nurse will be able to help you with much more than you may think. This includes minor illnesses and injuries to chronic illness reviews (such as Diabetes), contraception, immunisations and blood monitoring. Call your GP surgery and ask to see your Practice Nurse whenever appropriate.


If you are experiencing something more complex than a minor illness, you should see your GP. Contact your specific surgery and speak with your Medical Receptionsist who will be able to advise on the best course of action for your problem.

A reminder of the healthcare professionals available to care for you can be found within the following flyers which have been created specifically for this #WeArePrimaryCare campaign. Please read and share where possible. Thank you.

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