Celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee with your Community in Bridgend

Celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee with your Community in Bridgend

As the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is set to be marked with a four-day bank holiday weekend and a series of national events from Thursday 2nd June, to Sunday 5th June, we thought we would share our top tips on healthy ways you can enjoy celebrating with your community in Bridgend and the surrounding areas.

Celebrating with Food

Most celebrations are usually enjoyed over or around food. And what better way to celebrate a milestone in British history, than to patriotically enjoy some locally sourced food? Bridgend market, your local green grocers or even a local catering business can provide a selection of fun and healthy food options to mark the occasion. Whether you spot some healthy treats to enjoy or some ingredients to create a masterpiece, contributing to your community through using small businesses is a great way to start conversation and connect with friends, family and neighbours during the celebration.

Cookery is also a great way to get together and connect. Accomplishing a taste sensation to share with others can be uplifting and rewarding. Need some inspiration? Click here for BBC Food’s healthy British classics to enjoy over the Jubilee weekend. You can also get involved with the Big Jubilee Lunch and get your masterpiece on the map!

Celebrating with Others

A traditional street party to mark the Jubilee is a wonderful way to connect with your community and be part of an inclusive culture and neighbourhood. For some, perhaps it is not a possibility to join a party due to health conditions or other circumstances, however that doesn’t mean they cannot be included in the celebrations. If there are family members you can call, friends you can video chat with, or even a neighbour you can take a spare meal to, consider including them and show an act of kindness.

Celebrations may not be a priority for some and can perhaps be a stressful or lonely time. If you or someone you know needs support during the Jubilee weekend, there is local support available. Our latest Facebook post also shares a number of support groups, help hubs, helplines and online communities to reach out to.

Celebrating with Activities

The great British outdoors is full of possibilities for the Jubilee weekend, especially as many families, schools, communities and groups are coming together to “plant a tree for the Jubilee”. However, if the British weather calls on our Union Jack umbrellas, why not get creative indoors with family and friends and join in with the Jubilee Creative Challenge? You can design and create your own crowns from scratch and feel like royalty together.

Or perhaps the weather will be kind and see your community join in with the very traditional activity of beacon lighting. The community of Coychurch in Bridgend have planned a lighting at Coed Y Mwstwr Golf Club, joining all the other beacons across the UK at the same time on June 2nd. Find out more about beacon lighting in your area and the legal essentials and safety here.

Celebrating Safely

For guidelines on safely celebrating with a street party in Bridgend, please see here.

It is also important to remember that GP surgeries will be closed. For any minor medical queries, such as common illnesses and general health & wellbeing, please use our website for guidance.  For further queries, you can also use the online NHS 111 Wales symptom checker for advice. Community pharmacies are open over the bank holiday weekend, find their opening times here.

Please do not hesitate to ring 999 straight away in an emergency.

Don’t forget to share your Jubilee activities and celebrations with us on Facebook and Twitter.