Celebrating National Pet Month with Pen Y Bont Health

Celebrating National Pet Month with Pen Y Bont Health

Many of our homes throughout Bridgend, host a wonderful companionship when owning a pet. Those with pets can experience healthy benefits from a furry friend and those without, can appreciate what they can contribute to others. To celebrate National Pet Month this April, we have put together some helpful tips on staying healthy with a pet in Bridgend.


Pet Allergies


Pet allergies are not always caused by pet fur. Allergic reactions to pets are caused by their flakes of dead skin, saliva or dried urine. If you struggle with pet allergies at home, try the following tips from the NHS:

  • Keep pets outside as much as possible, or limit them to a particular area of the house, preferably an area without carpet
  • Do not allow pets in bedrooms
  • Wash pets at least once a week
  • Regularly groom pets outside
  • Regularly wash all bedding and soft furnishings pets lie on
  • Use an air filter in rooms where you spend most of your time
  • Increase ventilation with fans or air conditioning, or by opening windows

If you plan on visiting a friend or relative with a pet, ask them not to dust or vacuum on the day you are visiting, as this can stir up the allergens into the air.

You can also reduce pet allergy symptoms by taking an antihistamine medicine about an hour before entering a pet-inhabited house.

For more information on domestic pet allergies, visit the Allergy UK website.


Dog Walking in Bridgend


Walking your dog is a great way for you (and your dog) to keep fit. Try our top recommendation for a local dog walk. You can also explore nature with your dog, around the beautiful coastal walks in Bridgend. A mindful stroll can help reduce anxiety and improve your mental health. 

Organising a dog walk with family or friends is a great way to stay connected. Why not try a dog friendly cafe in Bridgend along the way, for a healthy refreshment?

If you find yourself seeking company for your dog walk, there are also local dog walking groups available, as well as interactive groups online for dog owners.    

Don’t forget to stay dog smart and stay hydrated – (pack water for your pooch too)! 


How To Care For Your Pet If You Become Unwell


If you become ill and are unable to look after your pet safely or responsibly, there are lots of options and support available. Arranging for a responsible and trusted person to care for your pet or help you care for your pet, is a good place to start. 

Until you return to normal health, it’s also helpful to arrange a good supply of pet food, pet litter and any pet medication.

Battersea suggests: If you are unable to walk your dog as often as normal, for example, try different ways to keep them happy and healthy. Replacing exercise with other activities such as playing with them or teaching them a new trick, is still engaging in their care. 

If you have a long term illness or are no longer able to look after your pet, seek professional advice with your local vets in Bridgend. 

For general pet advice – visit the Bluecross website.  


Owning a pet or looking after a friend or families’ pet, is a large responsibility. Always follow laws and responsible guidance for their welfare and your own.