Bridgend Association of Voluntary Organisations (BAVO)

Bridgend Association of Voluntary Organisations (BAVO)

Who is BAVO?

BAVO is a membership organisation, open to all voluntary and community groups in Bridgend. The membership is free of charge, as BAVO aims to provide guidance, support and information to these local groups and communities.

What services do BAVO provide?

BAVO ensures voluntary groups in Bridgend, develop their services, activities and skills. They also represent these groups, across a range of local, regional and national issues. Recognising that Bridgend is diverse, BAVO promotes equality of opportunity, with strong values in everyone having the access and the right to contribute to their communities.

How can BAVO help my group or community?

Community groups, volunteers and charities can all receive support with BAVO. Whether it’s with funding, expanding, problem solving or even starting up – becoming a member of BAVO, can open many doors for your local purpose or cause in Bridgend. You can become a member on the BAVO website here.
As well as help and support, BAVO offers training tailored to meet an organisation’s needs, (large or small). Organisations facing change or challenge, can also receive informal training through development support. Even down to workshops on how to use video calling and other communication tools, that may be new to you and your community.
Whilst BAVO offices are currently closed to the public, due to Covid-19, there are still ways to get in contact. Video, email and phone contact are all available, as well as an out of hours service during evenings and weekends
The out of hours service operates to help connect people to the community resources and groups, which can provide assistance to those who may be isolated and feeling alone or those choosing to stay healthy at home. All services and contacts can available here.

How can I help BAVO?

Can I volunteer?

If you feel inspired by BAVO and their values and you would like to help, you may consider volunteering. Many residents in Bridgend volunteer, as it can be exciting and rewarding. Making a difference in your community, not only benefits individuals and groups across Bridgend, but can also benefit you. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to make new friends, take on new challenges and boost your self-esteem. It can even enhance your CV and open doors to a new career path.
For more information and inspiration, see BAVO’s website.

Can I fundraise?

Aside from funding, BAVO can help and advise you with fundraising activities too. From charity sport events, raffles, sponsored walks, fayres and fetes, to coffee mornings, fundraising can be an extremely fun and effective way to raise money. BAVO even provides donation buckets for free!

There are some laws and rules around fundraising, but BAVO can help you become aware of these and help get you started here

Keep up with all BAVO’s recent news and upcoming events here