8 Simple steps to DIY Safety

8 Simple steps to DIY Safety


During Lockdown when we are all spending endless hours at home, one of the obvious things to fill our time with is a spot of decorating and DIY. We can finally get those repair jobs done around the house; however Public Health Wales are urging people to proceed with caution. Although they acknowledge that DIY is a great use of time they are asking people to not put extra strain on the NHS by trying to use equipment or complete tasks that they are unqualified to perform. In our infograph we highlight 8 steps to keeping safe whilst decorating.

1.Protect your eyes

Safety glasses are shatterproof – eye glasses are not. Protect your eyes from dust and a wide range of hazards whilst doing DIY.

2. Wear a mask

Masks filter out particles, so that you can continue to breathe clean air and protect your lungs. Disposable dust masks are ideal for one-off use when decorating and cleaning.

3. Tie Back long hair

When using power tools such as drills and saws make sure your hair is tied up out of the way to avoid accidents.

4. Unplug tools when they are not in use

When power tools are not in use you should always unplug them and keep them out of the reach of children.

5. Avoid DIY electrics

If you are not qualified in electrics DO NOT undertake electrical work. Watching a youtube video on how to do any electrical work does not make you an expert. Electricity can cause fires or shock you.

6. Ensure you have Good Ventilation

If you are sanding or painting make sure that the room you are working in has good ventilation. Open the windows to avoid inhaling hazardous fumes.

7. Take Care on ladders

Use ladders with care and don’t take unnecessary risks – falling off a ladder can have serious consequences.

8. Concentrate

Hammers, saws, nails, screws…. Infact pretty much any tool in your toolbox if not used carefully has the potential to cause you harm so avoid distraction and concentrate on the job you are doing.