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Sick Note ( Med 3) Request/ Continuation of Sick Note ( Med3) or Sick Note (Med3)Following Hospital Admission


Please allow up to 5 working days for this request.

‘Fitness To Work’ Certificate

If you are unable to work due to illness, your employer may require appropriate certification. For the first week of absence you may provide a self-certificate (SC2) obtained from your local benefits agency or employer. You are not normally required to provide a medical certificate from your doctor unless your absence is for more than one week. However, if your employer insists on a medical certificate for an absence of less than one week, a private certificate may be issued at the doctor’s discretion. A fee will be payable for this service.

If you are unfortunate enough to need more than 7 days, then in the first instance, an appointment must be made with the Doctor to issue a sick note. If you have recently had a hospital admission and/or if you are currently already under a sick note and need further time off, then you may be able to get another sick note without being seen again. Please complete the online form to request a continuation of your sick note. This will be presented to the Doctor who last signed you off, and they will assess if you will be issued with a further note or need to be reviewed again. This decision will be within 2 days. If the Doctor has signed a further sick note, then this will be available from reception to collect. If you need to be reviewed then you will need to make an appointment to be seen.

We will inform you of the decision within 5 working days and what you need to do next.

We will be in touch within 5 working days from the time you submit your form.