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Doctor’s Letter Request Form

The NHS provides general medical services. Letters for patients for third parties are not a health service. For example; You may be asked for a letter from your Doctor to prove you are fit to fly if:
  • You’re pregnant
  • You’ve recently had an operation
  • You have a plaster cast for a broken bone (you will need to have the cast split as well in case of swelling)
  • You have visible signs of illness but are not contagious (such as chicken pox)
  • You’ve been somewhere where there’s been an outbreak of a contagious illness
  • You’re travelling to a country which requires a vaccination certificate

Non NHS Work

GPs will not provide letters for private activities such as parachute jumps, running marathons etc. Services that are not NHS related will incur a fee. The National Health Service provides most healthcare free of charge, but there are exceptions, such as:
  • Medical Reports
  • Claims on Private Health Insurance
  • Holiday Cancellation
  • Fitness to Travel
  • Firearms License


The current system requires local constabularies to assess applicants for firearms licenses. In all cases, they will ask the applicant’s GP to provide general medical information. This information consists of a factual report based on the applicant’s medical history, and may also include a generic question asking if the GP has “concerns” regarding the issuing of a firearms license. This work is not part of a GP’s contract and therefore it attracts a fee as the report requires time and resources from the practice. The practice charges a fee for undertaking this work which is in addition to the fee charged by the Police. Payment is required in advance and patients are advised to make payment within 5 days to avoid delay as the police require a completed medical report within a set timescale. Please note that if there is a change in health circumstances which may impact on the assessment criteria for a firearms license we will inform the police e.g. mental health which could include stress and depression concerns. Please allow up to 15 working days for this request from payment and please note Doctors will only include factual information recorded in the patient’s medical notes.  If a third party has asked you for a letter from your doctor, please complete the online form below and ensure that payment has been made in advance